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Maureen Johnson


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Overview... a diva with a revolutionary spirit. Maureen and her friends strive to embody bohemian values and for her that means commenting on the world through performance art. Not only does that avant-garde passion let her satirize capitalism and inequality, it also ensures all eyes are always on her. Maureen adores attention, whether it’s from her girlfriend Joanne, her ex-boyfriend Mark, or the public who come to see her shows. Her latest cause célèbre is the fact that her former friend Benny is trying to displace a homeless community to build an apartment complex.

Personality... confident, sexy, fickle, and very self-centered. Maureen is proud of her diva status and she sees no reason to change her behavior to please others. She loves creating conflict, shocking people, and challenging the status quo. Her art definitely isn’t for the masses and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Maureen Johnson
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