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Grew Up… as the good girl in a family of four in Orlando, Florida. Maura’s parents could always count on her to take care of things for them. When she and her sister, Kate, threw their famous “Ellis Island” parties in high school, Maura always played the role of party mom, staying sober and taking care of everyone.

Living… in a state of denial over the mundane nature of her life. Even though she’s grown up, Maura hasn’t shaken her good-girl persona, and she can use a little shaking up.

Visiting… Orlando. Now that her parents are selling the house, Maura and Kate are throwing one last Ellis Island party – an epic one. This time, Maura is making Kate be the party mom so Maura can have a chance to cut loose and have some real fun.

Profession… nurse. Maura’s nurturing nature is perfect for a career made up of caring for others. Sometimes, of course, her job can get a little messy, but Maura can always handle it.

Interests… her rescue dog, writing positive affirmations, and taking care of other people. Maura loves to put as much positivity into the world as she can.

Relationship Status… divorced. Ever since her marriage ended two years ago, Maura has been in a bit of a dry spell. Now that she’s in Orlando, her parents’ neighbor James has caught her eye, and she might finally be ready to let her guard down and open herself up to love.

Challenge… keeping things together for her family while also taking care of herself. Maura has spent so much time focused on everyone else, she hasn’t taken time for herself. But, now this party is going to give her the chance to have some fun – as long as they don’t get shut down.

Personality… sweet, responsible, and a little kooky. Maura cares a lot about the people she loves – sometimes a little too much, to the point of suffocating them. But she always means well.

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