Matthew Meyerowitz

Matthew Meyerowitz

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Los Angeles with his family. Matthew lives with his wife and son, Tony. He travels constantly due to his job, with his latest trip being to New York, where his dad, step-mom and half-siblings live.

Profession… financial advisor. Matthew has been a prominent financial advisor to celebrities on the West Coast. And now he’s become even richer by starting his own company.

Interests… basketball, baseball, various forms of art and his son Tony. Matthew loves the Mets and Knicks, something he shares with his half-brother Danny and his dad Harold. He is also a fan of art, as he took interest in his father’s work when he was young and even remembers some of the childhood songs that his brother Danny wrote on the piano. Matthew’s main concern is his son Tony, who he tries to be there for regardless of his hectic work schedule.

Relationship Status… married but likely headed to divorce. Matthew knows his marriage is over, and his wife is already turning his son against him.

Challenge… reconnecting with his family. Matthew has let his job take over his life and while he enjoys great wealth, he feels incomplete as he has a strained relationship with his family back home. He feels as though his father doesn’t care about him because he chose to make money instead of pursuing art. Matthew also doesn’t speak to his half-siblings Jean and Danny (although he is close to his niece Eliza), who had harder challenges compared to him. Matthew feels that his time to reconcile is running out, which is why his business trip to New York comes at a good time, as it may be his chance to make things better.

Personality… self-aware, motivated, and ambitious. Matthew is aware of what his family thinks of him, which makes him reluctant to try to reconnect. He is the most motivated and intelligent of the Meyerowitz family. But he can be awkward when it comes to showing affection and talking about feelings, a weakness that everyone in his family shares with him. But regardless, Matthew tries to be a loving father to his son Tony and genuinely wants to make amends with Harold, Danny, and Jean.


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