Matthew Crawley
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Matthew Crawley

Downton Abbey

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Grew up… in Manchester, Lancashire. Matthew Crawley was born to an upper-middle-class family of medical practitioners. His late father was a doctor, and his mother trained as a nurse.

Living… in Yorkshire. When Matthew was named heir to Downton Abbey by his cousin Robert Crawley, he and his mother packed their bags and made the trip up north. They are now residing in Crawley House, the former residence of the Dowager Countess’ mother-in-law.

Profession… solicitor (lawyer). Matthew intends on keeping his career when he takes over the estate. It seems like a reasonable arrangement, but it’s news to the Crawleys of Downton. To their thinking, no heir of Lord Grantham’s should have such a “menial” occupation.

Interests… touring local churches. Matthew has a great appreciation for fine architecture and Downton has some truly lovely buildings.

Relationship Status… single, with the intention of remaining so. Matthew knows that Lord Grantham has three girls of marrying age – and financial need. A doting father like him wouldn’t just leave them with nothing: “They’re clearly going to push one of the daughters at me. They’d have fixed on that when they heard I was a bachelor.” Mary, the oldest, is the greatest beauty and the obvious frontrunner, but she can be the coldest as well.

Challenge… staying true to his values. Matthew only accepted his position as heir when he discovered that there wasn’t a legal way to refuse it. Now that he is in the world of aristocrats, Matthew has no choice but to deal with the extravagant lifestyle he has been thrust into. Still, he’s determined to remain the same middle-class lawyer from Manchester, saying, “I won’t let them change me.”

Personality… humble and practical. Matthew Crawley is thoroughly comfortable with his status as a middle-class solicitor. Unfortunately, most of Downton thinks he shouldn’t be. Matthew even comes off as a little arrogant in his refusal of their expectations. Something will have to give if Matthew and the Crawleys are to make this work and keep Downton Abbey in the family.

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