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About Him

Grew up… in what now seems like another life. Matt was a nobody before he landed a co-starring role on the hit sitcom Friends. His life as a celebrity is his only identity. There isn’t much to mention about Matt’s life before he made it big.

Living… in Los Angeles. Matt, who hasn’t had much success in Hollywood since his last show was cancelled, is trying to start up his own restaurant. He has a lot of ideas about food; all he needs is the money to back his new project.

Profession… actor. Matt needs to land a big role in order to get the cash injection required to launch his restaurant. When the network says he’d be perfect for the remake of a British show, now called Pucks!, Matt is much more interested in the paycheck than the premise. As he puts it, “I need this to be a hit. Or at least something they can’t make fun of on a talk show.”

Interests… his expensive toys. His new sports car, for instance, is one of only three in the world. Here’s his accounting of the full list of owners on the entire planet: “Me, the Sultan of Brunei and some drug guy.”

Relationship Status… divorced with two kids. His relationship with his ex-wife was like oil and water – or worse, really: “More like oil and something that sleeps with oil’s best friend. I was not a good husband.”

Challenge… getting over his poisonous ego. Matt, who seems to believe that his arrogance is justified by his wealth and talent, may be doing more to harm his career than help it. Now he’s locking horns with the British husband-wife producing team, Sean and Beverly Lincoln, whose award-winning British sitcom has been adapted (and dumbed-down) for American TV. Beverly in particular is upset that Matt was forced upon them by the network as the new show’s star.

Personality… self-centered and narcissistic. Matt is capable of being kind and thoughtful, but it’s unclear whether his brief episodes of generosity are only extensions of his manipulative nature. Matt isn’t known for turning down any kind of pleasure, even if it means hurting his friends, co-workers and career.

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