Matt King
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Matt King

The Descendants

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About Him

Grew Up… with many cousins, all subtly vying for more inheritance. But unlike Matt, his cousins quickly squandered their money while Matt saved up for a rainy day. Now Matt has become the sole trustee of the King family trust, which consists of thousands of acres of Hawaiian land. His cousins want him to sell the land for millions of dollars to condo developers, but Matt is conflicted because of the sentimental and historical value of the land.

Living… at the hospital, visiting his wife Elizabeth who has been in a horrible accident and is in a comatose state. Their two daughters, Scottie and Alex, are taking everything hard.

Profession… attorney. Matt represents locals and travelers alike. But his professional life is taking a backseat to the personal issues that have fatefully availed themselves and created the biggest crisis of Matt’s life.

Interests… nature. He lives in Hawaii – one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  

Relationship Status… married, but his wife is not expected to live. To make matters worse, his friends reveal that Elizabeth was having an affair, shattering Matt’s image of his sleeping beauty. 

Challenge… uniting his family in this time of need. First and foremost, Matt must ensure that his daughters survive their teenage years and come out of this conflicted time without scars too big to overcome. It won’t be easy – they both have hefty troubles of their own. And on top of that, Matt needs to unite his extended family under his decision regarding the King family trust. As a lawyer, he will need use his skills as a negotiator on a family level.

Personality… arbitrative, caring, introspective, and principled. Matt can be reserved and a bit of a loner by nature, but he’s being forced out of shell with his wife in a coma, his extended family fighting over the inheritance, and his daughters dealing with their own adolescent issues. He is the center of attention right now – something he does not seem quite comfortable with. 

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