Matt Hooper
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Matt Hooper


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About Him

Grew Up... studying the vast ocean. Matt studied oceanography at college after being continually inspired by the ocean’s miracles and horrors.

Living… in Amity, an island located somewhere in New England.

Profession… oceanographer. Even if he might have “city hands,” Matt is excellent at his job.

Interests… numbers, rationality. Hooper likes to use scientific knowledge to solve his problems instead of relying on gut feelings or intuition.

Relationship Status… single. When exchanging stories with captain Quint, Hooper claims to have the darkest scar of all – he points to his chest and says, “Mary Ellen Moffat. She broke my heart.”

Challenge… assuring that Amity beaches are safe once again. A killer shark has been terrorizing the local beaches – and as more lives are lost, officials must decide whether or not to evacuate the beaches. It’s up to Dr. Hooper and the dedicated police chief, Brody, to stop this shark before any further damage.

Personality… observant, methodical, a man of science. Hooper doesn’t take things at face value. He respects the scientific method and will always play by the rules.

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