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About Him

Grew Up... in the Philippines where he was raised by his grandmother.

Living... in St. Louis, Missouri, with his grandmother. Mateo was mostly raised by his grandmother in the Philippines, and they moved to St. Louis together. 

Profession... Cloud 9 superstore employee. He is passionate about his job, but he’s even more passionate about being recognized as the best employee—even if most of the time that’s not the case.

Interests... gossiping with his friend and fellow Cloud 9 coworker, Cheyenne, about celebrities and their coworkers. Mateo is also a singer, and he never hesitates to show off his voice. 

Challenge... struggling to get along with some of his coworkers—especially Jonah. Some people complain that Mateo thinks he is better than everyone else. And that is actually a fair observation. 

Personality... competitive, hard-working, and smug. Mateo isn’t shy about speaking his mind—to your face or behind your back. Together with Cheyenne, they bring a presence to the store that cannot be ignored. However, whether or not that is a productive presence is up for debate. While Mateo can be upbeat, beware of his dark side. As Mateo admits, "I don't trust myself with a weapon. I would like killing too much.”

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