Massoud Amir Behrani
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Massoud Amir Behrani

House of Sand and Fog

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About Him

Overview… an Iranian immigrant and former Colonel in the Shah’s navy who fled his home country after the Iranian Revolution. He recently bought a house at auction and considers it a step on the ladder back to his former glory days. Massoud lives something of a double life, working menial jobs while dressing in suits to maintain the image of a businessman. Stuck in poverty, he tirelessly works to give his family the comfort and prosperity they once had.

Personality… proud, dedicated, and haunted. Massoud suffers nightmares from the trauma he suffered during the revolution. There’s a hint of despair and shame that never leaves his eyes. Honor and duty are of the utmost importance to him. He works around the clock to pay the bills, but it’s really the honor of his family he’s working for. In spite of having his former life taken from him, he doesn’t consider himself entitled to anything that he doesn’t earn.

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Massoud Amir Behrani
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