Marylin Rexroth
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Marylin Rexroth

Intolerable Cruelty

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About Her

Grew Up… in an economically stable home, but was not as wealthy as she believed she was entitled to be. Marilyn grew up realizing that she could use her wits to become as rich as any man out there. She aspired to become a gold-digger, going after rich men, who were drawn in by her wit, charm, and beauty.

Living… through a whirlwind divorce, after her wealthy husband, Rex Rexroth, was caught cheating on her. While most would be upset, the circumstances of the divorce are exactly what she wanted, and everyone knows it – the only problem for Rex is figuring out a way to prove it. Miles Massey, Rex’s defense attorney, has sworn to prove that Marilyn is guilty of orchestrating the gruesome divorce.

Profession… none. Marilyn Rexroth is not one to hold a day job – she requires others to dote upon her, and pay for everything. Her free time is spent shopping for expensive clothes and plotting her husband’s demise.

Interests… self-defense classes and dining with her gal pals.

Relationship Status… getting divorced. Marilyn firmly believes in taking her fate into her own hands – and, as such, goes out to dinner with her husband’s divorce attorney, Miles Massey, to attract him into her web. But, he truly proves to be a match for her.

Challenge… getting rich. If she isn’t able to get away with half of Rex Rexroth’s net worth, she will just move on to another target, with the same conniving plan.

Personality… incredibly charming and cunning but self-serving and manipulative. Marilyn is a woman who has a mystical power over her subjects. Even though Miles Massey knows that she is dangerous, bad news, a “vampire,” he still can’t help but chase after her. And although he’s on opposite sides of the divorce case, he finds himself sympathizing with her. She has that kind of effect on people. Beware!

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