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Living… a complicated, sophisticated life in Manhattan. Mary is a socialite of sorts – she keeps elite company and attends exclusive galas on the Upper East Side. All the while, she’s constantly obsessing over her personal life in her therapy sessions.

Profession… journalist. Mary describes herself as “honest,” a quality required for her chosen profession, though many people would say her honesty is just rudeness.

Interests… art and literature. Mary is full of opinions on the finer things in life, and she’ll never hesitate to disagree with another’s taste. Don’t get her started on the new piece of modern art at the Met. She says, “To me it was… very textural, you know what I mean? It was perfectly integrated and it had a marvelous negative capability.”

Relationship Status… divorced and involved in an affair with a married college professor named Yale. Mary had been jaded by her divorce from Jeremiah, “a very brilliant and dominating man.” For now, she just wants to have fun with Yale, although she’s recently become attracted to his best friend, a TV writer named Isaac.

Challenge… figuring out who she loves. Mary’s analyst tells her that she puts herself in complicated romantic situations on purpose. Now, she’s found herself between two best friends: the funny, sweet Isaac and the sophisticated, charming (yet married) Yale.

Personality… witty, wry and urbane. Mary loves to show off her intelligence and sophistication. She’s an attractive Manhattan socialite who could “go to bed with the entire faculty of MIT if I wanted to!”

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