Mary Shannon
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Mary Shannon

In Plain Sight

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About Her

Grew up… taking care of herself. Her father left the family after robbing a bank, and her mother was an alcoholic. Mary was left trying to fend for herself and her little sister. It wasn't exactly a pretty childhood, and she's still working through the issues it left her with.

Living… in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mary has a beautiful three-bedroom home, but unfortunately, she's sharing it with her sister and mother, both of whom claim they’re trying to turn their lives around. She wants to try and help, but they also drive her nuts. Good thing her job keeps her out of the house a lot.

Profession… U.S. Marshal working with Witness Protection.  It’s Mary’s job, together with her partner Marshall, to protect people who have had to “disappear." Sometimes it’s because they witnessed a crime, sometimes it’s because they have valuable testimony – but whatever the reason, "every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute": "somebody wants them dead." That's where the WITSEC program comes in.

Interests… peace and quiet. With a life-and-death job and an eccentric home life, Mary just wants a bit of shut-eye. Unfortunately, between her family and her workaholic tendencies, she is not likely to get much.

Relationship Status… dating minor-league baseball player Raphael. But Marshall and Mary are really close. Could something else be brewing?

Challenge… juggling a lot of needy people. First, there are her charges at WITSEC, who need to be convinced to join the program, set up with a new life, and then watched to make sure no one finds them or they don’t blow their own cover. Then there's life at home, where Mary needs to make sure her mother doesn’t relapse into alcoholism and her sister doesn’t go back to her drug-dealing boyfriend. Then she needs to slot in time for Raphael, so their relationship doesn’t fall apart. Then...

Personality… blunt, intelligent, and hard working. Life didn’t give Mary any head starts – she’s worked for everything she has, and she won’t stop now. An independent, tough woman, Mary has very low tolerance for bureaucracy and incompetence. While she might care deeply for those around her, don’t expect her to show it with anything but tough love.

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