Mary Margaret Blanchard

Mary Margaret Blanchard

    Once Upon a Time
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up…  as Snow White, a princess in the Enchanted Forest. She lived in the castle with her father, the King, and her step-mother, Regina, better known as the Evil Queen. Following her father’s death, Snow White ran away and became a sort of vigilante in the Enchanted Forest, where she met Prince Charming.

Living… in Storybrooke, Maine, unaware of who she really is. Regina (aka the Evil Queen) is the town’s mayor, so she’s able to keep a close eye on things to prevent Mary Margaret and the others from learning their true identities.

Visiting… nowhere, because the curse (the Evil Queen’s doing) keeps Mary Margaret from leaving Storybrooke or knowing who she really is.

Profession… schoolteacher. Most importantly, she is the teacher who gives young Henry Mills, Regina’s adopted son, the book of fairytales that lead him to discover the truth about Storybrooke. That inspires Henry to track down his birth mother Emma, who comes to Storybrooke and befriends Mary Margaret – without either knowing that Mary Margaret (as Snow White) is really Emma’s mother. Yes, it’s complicated.

Interests… animals, archery, and true love – there’s nothing she enjoys more than seeing her friends find their happy endings.

Relationship Status… single and dreaming of finding her one true love, her (literal) Prince Charming. He ends up being closer than she thinks, but there’s a problem – he’s already married. But Mary Margaret can’t stop thinking about David.

Challenge… finding her happy ending when the Evil Queen is out to get her and she is framed for attacking her not-so-secret lover’s wife.

Personality… kind, romantic, and optimistic. While the Snow White of the fairytale world was confident and resourceful, Storybrooke’s Mary Margaret is meek and never breaks the rules. Eventually, Mary Margaret becomes more like she was before the curse and joins Emma’s efforts to break the curse. 


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