Mary Fiore
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Mary Fiore

The Wedding Planner

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About Her

Grew Up… planning her Barbie’s wedding to Ken. Mary has had a nuptial obsession since the age of 6, when she used to dream about the grand romance of her own wedding.

Living… alone in her San Francisco apartment. Mary’s clients tend to think that she has a romantic life, but in reality she spends her nights eating take-out and watching Antiques Roadshow. She’s trying to move up in a demanding career, and she doesn’t have the time for a relationship.

Profession… wedding planner. Mary’s meticulousness makes her the perfect wedding coordinator: she manages every detail of every wedding she plans. She’s professional, driven, and confident—and she’s hoping to be made partner at her firm.

Interests… playing Scrabble with her father and grandmother. Mary doesn’t have much time for hobbies and spends most evenings alone, but when she does find a few free hours to socialize she spends it with her family.

Relationship Status… hopeless. Mary hasn’t been partnered in years—unless you count Massimo, the awkward family friend her father wants her to marry. She was engaged once before, but found her fiance kissing another woman on the night of their rehearsal dinner. She harbors some resentment toward him, but for the most part she’s comfortable with her life as a spinster, happy to plan others’ weddings instead of her own.

Challenge… pull off a masterpiece wedding for the wealthy Fran Donolly. If she plays her cards right, she could secure her partnership in the firm. The Donolly wedding should be a synch, aside from one little complication: the handsome, charming pediatrician that saved Mary’s life turned out to be Fran Donolly’s groom.

Personality… organized, thorough and businesslike. Mary takes her job very, very seriously, and her meticulous planning extends to all areas of her life. She cleans her apartment and folds her napkins every night. She can be a bit closed-off and bitter, but she is dedicated to following a clear moral code.

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