Mary Eunice

Mary Eunice

    American Horror Story

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… insecure. As a teen, her only concerns were being good and liked. She was very reserved, and once she had built up the confidence to show up to a pool party, she was humiliated in front of her peers. This betrayal brought her closer to God, as she felt that he would be the only one who could take care of her. She decided to become Sister Mary.

Living… on the east coast at Briarcliff Manor. 

Profession… nun at Briarcliff. Sister Mary throws herself into her work and is emotionally attached to the patients. While the rules at Briarcliff lead to abuse of the patients, she believes that all is being done for the good of the patients and would never outwardly question the decisions of her supervisor, Sister Jude. Sister Mary admires her coworker, Dr. Arden, for his intelligence. Her loyalty to Dr. Arden has led her to assist him with his current project which she is starting to question the ethics of, but the last thing she wants to do is disappoint him. 

Interests… being of service to others and singing to herself.

Relationship Status… single. She is content and proud of the celibacy she has due to her position. However, she does have a lot of admirers at Briarcliff.

Challenge… being constantly looked down upon by Sister Jude. She wants to remain in her good graces, but she feels obligated to keep secrets from her. There are also dark forces at Briarcliff that threaten to tarnish her spiritual needs.

Personality… sweet, trusting, but resilient. Sister Mary’s kindness is often mistaken for stupidity, and she is used to being taken advantage of. However, her hope for finding the good in others is incredibly powerful. The core values that she has are unshakable, and they are tested often. She hates disappointing anybody and spends a lot of time trying to be perfect, but this is overwhelming and leaves her constantly frazzled instead. 


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