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Mary Cummings


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Grew Up… as a born-again Christian since the age of 3. Mary was raised with Jesus at the absolute center of her life. She has been heavily involved in the local Christian community and has “the perfect Christian boyfriend” named Dean.

Living… in suburban Baltimore. Despite living in what she refers to as “the End Times,” Mary’s life is nearly perfect – until she learns that her boyfriend has been “stricken with such a spiritually toxic affliction.” In other words, he admits to being gay.

Profession… senior at American Eagle Christian High. Mary is a part of a group called the “Christian Jewels,” who fundraise and advocate for Christian causes. Her best friend Hilary Faye leads the group, and together they make up the most popular clique at school.

Relationship Status… ambiguous. Mary’s boyfriend was sent to Mercy House, a treatment center for what Mary refers to as “de-gayification,” after his parents discovered gay porn magazines under his bed. Unfortunately for Mary, her plan to personally de-gayify Dean by having sex with him did not work as well as she hoped it would.

Challenge… keeping her secret pregnancy hidden from the rest of her Christian friends. Mary’s plan to make Dean heterosexual by making love to him resulted in pregnancy. It has also caused her to drift from her own voracious Christian beliefs. As a result, she’s found new friends in her school’s community of rejects: the kids who have yet to be “saved.”

Personality… good-natured and slightly disillusioned. Mary has gone from a strict believer and “good girl” to a problematic doubter. After her pregnancy, she doesn’t think that Jesus has all the answers. Life may be more complicated than it seems after all.

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