Mary Albright
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Mary Albright

3rd Rock from the Sun

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About Her

Grew Up… with a relatively normal childhood – especially compared with the upbringing of her coworker and lover Dick Solomon, an alien posing as a human. She used to drink a lot but has since gotten her footing on a more even keel.

Living… in Rutherford, Ohio, where she works at Pendleton University as a professor. She spends a lot of time in an office with her colleague Dick Solomon, whom she doesn’t realize is an alien posing as a human.

Profession… professor of Anthropology. She has a lot of respect for her work and takes her professional life very seriously. As a tenured professor, Mary doesn’t have much to worry about professionally outside of Dick’s annoying antics. 

Interests… anthropology, philosophy, and reading. If there’s something that attracts her to Dick, it’s his wide knowledge of Physics and human languages. She also likes his wit and strange, off-putting charm.

Relationship Status… endlessly dating on and off with Dick Solomon. Dick drives her away but always pulls her right back.

Challenge… deciding to either settle down with Dick, or break up with him once and for all. Mary is severely conflicted about this, because when they’re together, he provides a stability she hasn’t ever had in her life before. But stability and being annoyed out of your mind aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Personality… intellectual, professional, and normal in comparison to the Solomons.  She’ll let loose every once in a while, but otherwise maintains a calm, button down demeanor. The Solomons want to see the full human experience, though, so they rile her up and make her mad, just to see what happens.

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