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Grew Up… in the projects of Basin City. Marv’s father skipped out when he was young, leaving Marv with his doting mother. Marv’s appetite for violence allowed him to thrive in the chaos of the projects. When his mother grew sick they moved to a better part of town – but Marv had already found his place in the world. He knew he belonged in the underbelly of the seediest city on earth.

Living… in a perpetual fog. Marv suffers from a condition that causes short-term memory loss and occasional hallucinations (none of which is helped by his tendency to drink heavily). His parole officer, Lucille, provides him with drugs that help with the symptoms, but that does little to set Marv’s mind at ease. He lives in the projects, taking odd jobs to sustain himself.

Profession… brute. Marv has always been defined by his ferocious strength and size, two factors that have allowed him to prosper in Basin City’s bloody underworld. His friend Dwight reflects that Marv was “born at the wrong time in history,” and would have been “right at home on an ancient battlefield, swinging an axe into somebody’s face.” While Marv loves a good fight no matter who’s in it, he tries to use his strength for good – often trying to defend the innocent.

Interests… booze, broads, and bullets. Marv is driven solely by basic human instincts. He fits in best in the wrong side of town, where he’s always looking for a lay and some trouble. He usually finds both.

Relationship status… single. Marv doesn’t seem to hold any delusion that women want him and knows that his lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to any real kind of relationship. Still, he adores women and is driven by a sense of modern chivalry.

Challenge… uncovering the mystery that began when he woke up next to a dead hooker. Goldie was a beautiful prostitute who spent one night with Marv before she was killed next to him while they slept. Framed by the police and determined to discover Goldie’s killer, Marv will tear Basin city brick by brick until he’s found the culprit.

Personality… blunt, violent, and impulsive. Marv is a modern version of Conan the Barbarian. While not particularly intelligent, he possesses a kind of raw animal cunning that allows him to navigate the dangerous situations he frequently dives into. He does not understand social mores and does not think before speaking. A weaker man with the same habit would have wound up dead before his 18th birthday – but that’s just one of the privileges of being an invincible giant. While Marv engages in shady activities, he is a good man at heart. He tries to do the right thing – although in a city as twisted as Basin, even the right thing can look wrong.

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