Martin Hart
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Martin Hart

True Detective Season 1

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Living... with his wife Maggie and their two daughters in the Louisiana suburbs. Marty’s going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. Sure, he’s involved in a pulse-pounding investigation, but when he hangs up his badge for the day, he comes home to yet another night of dinner, TV, and homework help. At least, that’s what happens on the nights he actually heads home.

Profession... police detective. Marty is the kind of officer whom everyone on the force would take a bullet for. He’s friendly, affable, and likes to joke around with the guys over a few beers. But his work itself is anything but lighthearted lately – he and his new, enigmatic partner Rust are investigating a string of brutal murders.  

Interests… solving cases, though he’s not as obsessive as his partner. Marty prides himself on being a regular family man who watches sports and enjoys a cold one. But when no one’s watching, he finds younger women to sleep with. He’s hoping to recapture some of his youthful excitement for life.

Relationship Status... married with kids, but he hides his affairs from his wife. While playing the good guy at work and home, Marty sleeps with a series of younger women – bartenders, phone store employees, anyone who will see him as something more intriguing than a dad who has to get home to mow the lawn. At least, that’s how he might justify it if he ever stopped to think.

Challenge... keeping up his stable exterior when his tumultuous personal life begins to make that difficult. His affairs lead to a more reckless attitude at work. He shoots a suspect point-blank and fights Rust in the parking lot. Marty likes to act like everything’s O.K., but his actions tell a different story. Plus his partner might be as crazy as everyone says – and he’s definitely every bit the pain in the ass he appears to be. And did we mention there’s a serial killer on the loose?    

Personality... blue-collar and one of the guys, but not as straight-shooting as he likes to project. Marty puts on a “normal dad” facade to hide his darker impulses. He is searching for meaning, though not on the spiritual level that his partner Rust is. Marty has listened to the authority figures in his life and started a family like everyone else, but where did all that leave him? Wanting more. So sometimes he wonders: what’s the point?

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