Martin Harris
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Martin Harris


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About Him

Overview… a man dealing with a lot of unknowns. Awakening from a coma in a German hospital, Martin Harris is surprised to find that his wife is not by his side. Heading back to the hotel where they were staying, he discovers that someone else has assumed his identity, and is living his life. Dodging hit men and German police, the real Martin Harris struggles to reveal the sinister plot that has stolen his entire life from out under him.

Personality… generally polite and docile. Though Martin becomes agitated by his lack of memory and feelings of helplessness. This leads him to become confrontational, which ends up putting him in even more dangerous situations. Functioning well under pressure, Martin trusts his instincts and acts quickly, enabling him to accomplish things he thinks initially impossible. Alone in a strange place, Martin is unafraid of throwing punches in order to get answers to his questions.

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