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Living... in Missouri at the lake of the Ozarks. He and his family miss where they were living in Chicago, but Marty thought the Ozarks would be a good place to stay under the radar of the FBI. He had never been to the Ozarks before and picked it based on a brochure. Unfortunately, it’s not quite what he expected it to be. 

Profession... “financial advisor” or in other words “money launderer.” Marty’s business associate was murdered in front of him for apparently skimming the profits off of a Mexican drug cartel. In a desperate plea for his life, Marty promised to “clean” $8 million of the cartel’s money quickly, with the promise of millions more over the next few years. Marty knows that stolen money can’t look like it came out a bank vault, so he plans to “age it up” and find a legitimate cash business to invest the money in. Once all the cash is mixed in together, the money will go to a bank out of the country and get deposited into a regular banking account. But one challenge he’s facing is that the local heroin trade in the Ozarks is even more ruthless than the cartel. 

Relationship status... married. Marty has been married to his wife Wendy for many years, but there’s nothing romantic between them. Marty is still bitter that she cheated on him, but they’re staying together for their kids.

Challenge... picking up the pieces from his dead business partner. As Marty says, “Sometimes people make decisions, s**t happens, and we gotta act accordingly.” Now, he has one goal: making sure that they all don’t die. He’s on it, but he may be in over his head.

Personality... analytical, bold, and manipulative. Marty is logical, thinking through every step of his plan and every possible scenario. And in the precarious situation that Marty is in, being logical may be the difference between life and death. He is also bold in the face of people who challenge him, not shying away from insulting them or telling them exactly what he thinks. 

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