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Martin Brody


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About Him

Grew Up... in New York’s lower east side. Brody joined the police force at the young age of eighteen.

Living… in Amity Beach, where a killer shark is terrorizing locals and summer tourists.

Profession… chief of police. Brody is responsible for keeping the local beaches safe – a job that became increasingly difficult when a killer shark began to feed at Amity.

Interests… his family, his town, and his job. Brody is a predictable man who merely wants to do his job right.

Relationship Status… happily married to Ellen. Brody has devoted himself to finding the shark currently loose in Amity. His family’s safety depends on it. Ellen supports him and wants their two sons to remain safe.

Challenge… finding the killer shark. Brody is accompanied by oceanographer Matt Hooper, who is helping him get to the bottom of the recent deaths. Hooper claims that the shark they are dealing with is bigger than any shark ever recorded near Amity. Catching the great white will take more manpower than originally expected. After glimpsing the shark for the first time, Brody pales and exclaims, “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Personality… responsible, heroic. Brody’s the kind of the man who will do everything to keep those around him safe. Finding this shark is the biggest challenge of his life, and he is not willing to let anyone down.

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