Martin Brenner
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Martin Brenner

Stranger Things

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About Him

Overview... the director of Hawkins National Laboratory. If you want to know any more, you’d better have top-secret security clearance from the Department of Defense – and that’s assuming Dr. Brenner even tells them the truth. His prize “pupil” is a girl named Eleven. She calls him Papa, though his paternal duties seem confined to subjecting her to harrowing experiments to develop and measure her incredible psychokinetic abilities.

Personality... calm and remote, but in a creepy and controlling way. Dr. Brenner never raises his voice, but that doesn’t make him any less ominous. He doesn’t mind if innocent people get hurt or even killed as long as he can further his goals, if anyone can even figure out what exactly they might be. Don’t be fooled by his soothing tones; as Eleven puts it, he’s a “bad man.”

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