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Grew up... on Akaneia. Marth is part of the bloodline of Anri, a legendary hero from the continent of Akaneia who slayed the dark dragon Medeus. 

Living... in Altea. Founded by Anri, this island kingdom houses the royal family of which Marth is descended from. It is a small but powerful nation with arguably the strongest army on the continent, and it has strong ties with other nearby kingdoms and families.

Profession... prince. Marth is the prince of Altea serving his father King Cornelius, along with his older sister Princess Elice.  

Interests… becoming the Hero-King. Akaneia’s various noble families are fractured and divided, creating lots of tension and betrayals. Marth hopes to one day unite them all under one banner.

Relationship Status... married. In his youth, Marth pursued Shiida (also known as Caeda), princess of Talys, like a smitten teenager. Fortunately, she was in love with him as well and joined his party to save the kingdom with the hopes of marrying him after the ordeal was over.

Challenge... defeating the Shadow Dragon. When Medeus is resurrected centuries after his first defeat, he launches a brutal attack against his foes, killing the king and sending Marth into exile on Talys. Marth then gathers a party of allies to stop the dark dragon once again, reclaim the kingdom, and recover the stolen Falchion sword of light.                                                                     

Personality... noble. Marth is an honorable lord putting his duty ahead of most of his other life obligations. As he says, “I am a prince before I am a son or brother.” But behind that he has a more innocent, squeamish, and almost childlike side.

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