Marshall Mann
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Marshall Mann

In Plain Sight

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About Him

Grew up… as heir to a five-generation legacy of U.S. Marshals. His parents even named him Marshall. Marshal Marshall Mann. Get it?

Living… in Alberquerque, New Mexico.  He spends more time at his job than at home, so you could also say he lives in his office.

Profession… U.S. Marshal with the Witness Protection Program. While the rest of his family are also U.S. Marshals, he’s the only one who went to work with WITSEC, to the great displeasure of his father. Still, Marshall enjoys the good he's doing by helping people who need to “disappear," setting up new identities for them, and protecting them from the people who want to find them.

Interests… everything. Marshall’s partner Mary makes fun of him for his “useless information," but Marshall doesn’t mind. He’s full of trivia, and often has a fun fact or bit of trivia to greet her grumpy morning face. Or an origami crane, if you want something more concrete.

Relationship Status… single. The job doesn’t leave a lot of time for socializing. He might have a bit of a thing for Mary though. Maybe.

Challenge… protecting the people in WITSEC. It’s difficult setting up a new life, even without the likelihood that someone is trying to find and kill you. Because Marshall has better people skills than Mary, he's often put in charge of convincing people to join the program, which has its own difficulties. Overall, it’s a mentally and emotionally taxing job.

Personality… smart, chatty, and quirky. Marshall doesn’t come off like a typical law enforcement officer—maybe a college professor, or even a writer. He loves to talk about science, philosophy, and almost anything else, but underneath his verbosity is a fiercely loyal and brave man. Compassionate and caring, he understands others' pain well, and is always willing to offer a sympathetic ear to his clients or his coworkers. As he tells Mary, "you don't have to talk to anyone, but if you do, you have to talk to me."

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