Marshal Will Kane
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Marshal Will Kane

High Noon

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About Him

Grew up… in Hadleyville, New Mexico Territory. Will came of age in the Wild West, and helped establish a system of law where there was none. He was, in the words of the town’s mayor, “the best marshal we ever had.”

Living… as a newly married man. Will was forced to leave behind his old profession when he married Amy Fowler, a pacifist Quaker.

Profession… former marshal, now a storekeeper. Just because Will has decided to retire from law-keeping, however, doesn’t mean that Hadleyville’s criminals will retire along with him.

Interests… the rule of law. Just as he and Amy are leaving town to start their new life together, Will receives word that a murderer he brought to justice years ago has been let loose from prison. The criminal in question, a madman named Frank Miller, has vowed revenge on Kane and is due to arrive in Hadleyville on the 12 o’clock train.

Relationship Status… newly married. Kane’s wife Amy is a Quaker, and her religion does not permit her to do violence or to associate with anyone who does violence. While Will promised to leave his life as a marshal behind, he feels his duty call. “I’m not trying to be a hero,” he assures his wife. “If you think I like this, you’re crazy.”

Challenge… facing the dangerous Frank Miller and protecting his beloved town. Will knows that Miller is one of the most dangerous men in the West, but he refuses to back down from a fight.

Personality… loyal, brave, and prideful. Will knows that it would be easier if he and his wife merely ran away from Miller, but Kane has never been one to take the easy route in life. “They’re making me run,” he says. “I’ve never run from anybody before.” Therefore he must prepare for a showdown, if necessary, when the train arrives at high noon.

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