Marsellus Wallace
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Marsellus Wallace

Pulp Fiction

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About Him

Overview… a big-shot gangster and owner of the Inglewood strip club. If you ask him, Marsellus runs Los Angeles. He’s come far enough in the underworld that he has a gang of trusted men to do most of his jobs for him, but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty – he’s been known to toss a guy off a balcony just for giving his wife a foot massage. (Allegedly.) Recently, someone’s taken his most valuable possession, so he’s hired hitmen Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield to recover it and punish those responsible.

Personality… cool and confident, but brutal and controlling. Marsellus gets what he wants and punishes those who stand against him. A professional criminal and shameless opportunist, Marsellus will use any methods available to him to get what he wants. Violence, bribery, intimidation, and torture are all potent implements when paired with his empty conscience. So long as he’s not trying to kill you, though, he’d likely make a perfectly charming dinner guest.

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