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About Him

Living... as a single man in Chicago for the first time in years. It’s been tough finding love ever since his long time girlfriend left him for the worst guy in the world. Literally. She’s now dating Adolf Hitler. 

Profession... temp. It’s not impressive but he lives in a flexible reality full of talking condoms, real life trolls, and sex aliens. So a quiet office job isn’t the worst thing for Josh. Plus, that new employee Rosa is kind of cute. Seems like she’ll never leave her boyfriend though. He’s a pretty chill guy named Jesus Christ.   

Interests hanging out with his best friend Mike, playing video games, and avoiding calls from his parents. 

Relationship Status...  extremely single. The dating game is not easy, and it’s hard to find a rapport with a girl ever since Maggie left him. He’s had short term relationships here and there but something always gets in the way: Cupid, Japanese penis monsters, the Grim Reaper Seriously, dating is hard! 

Challenge... finding a healthy relationship. The dating scene is brutal and scary, though. Even small steps feel enormous. He wants to respond to a text but has to consult a situation room deep beneath the Pentagon. He wants to settle down, but becomes conjoined to his girlfriend. He wants to date Rosa, but his friend Mike catches her eye first. The path to love is riddled with challenges, but what else is he going to do?  

Personality... awkward, bumbling, and optimistic. No matter what his mom will tell you, Josh isn’t smooth, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to date. The world keeps beating down Josh, not to mention the heavens and the underworld too. But he keeps trying, because he’s had love in the past and wants it again. Each new relationship is an adventure and even if he goes home alone, he’s got his buddy Mike to get drunk with. 

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