Finding Nemo
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the Great Barrier Reef, where he lived an average life as a clownfish.

Living... with his wife Coral, with whom he’s just started to make a family. They are caring for their dozens and dozens of eggs when they’re attacked by a barracuda. Only Marlin and one egg survive – he names the unhatched clownfish Nemo.

Profession... worried dad – and now, reluctant adventurer. His first mistake was letting Nemo go to school, when he probably wasn’t ready for it. Then Marlin had to go and scold Nemo for behaving carelessly, so Nemo strayed a bit too far away, and got scooped up by a net. Now, it’s Marlin’s job to find him.

Relationship Status... widower, a label that affects his life each and every day. He’s overprotective of Nemo because he’s lost so much, but he appreciates what he has because he knows it can disappear any minute. 

Challenge... finding Nemo. And it’s no easy task, given the dangers of the ocean that make being a fish dad so difficult. Along the way he’s picked up a follower, Dory, who is annoying and forgetful but admittedly helpful at times. Now the two of them will have to navigate through shark-infested waters, angry anglerfish, a jellyfish bloom and hungry whales to get to Marlin’s son. Even humans won’t stop him, and believe it or not, they’ll try.

Personality... neurotic, anxious, and easily frazzled. Ironically humorless, for a fish they call “clownfish.” He’s definitely not the sort of guy you’d expect to go on a quest across the ocean – but he is the sort of guy who would do absolutely anything to find his beloved son.


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