Mark Thackeray
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Mark Thackeray

To Sir, With Love

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About Him

Grew Up… poor in British Guiana and then later in California.

Living… in London where he was having trouble finding work with his engineering degree. To keep a roof over his head, he started looking for other work. 

Profession… teacher, much to his chagrin. Mark took a job as a high school teacher in London's tough East End. The job became open because the unruly students made their last teacher resign.

Relationship Status… in a love/hate relationship with his students. His students are notorious for that complete disregard for authority, and lack of interest in putting any effort into their studies. Although Mark may be not exactly enthusiastic about the task of getting these kids to learn, he tries to motivate them through some tough love. At first both parties pretty much hate each other; tensions are high. One student of his, Bert, especially has it out for him. However, could there be a chance that Mark can reach through to his students and get them on his side?

Challenge… turning a class of hooligans around to become decent students and human beings. No easy challenge, the class gives Mark a particularly hard time. One of his students repeatedly wears sunglasses indoors, and at one point one of his female student burns a sanitary towel in the classroom grate. While the class seems to have give up on the prospect of a decent education, it doesn't mean Mark has given up on them.

Personality… stoic, poised, honest, and patient. Mark can be calm as an ocean, but likewise, he can get into a squall-like frenzy if baited to a breaking point: "I believe one should fight for what one believes. Provided one is absolutely sure one is absolutely right." Mark is a commanding presence, and is the model of a good, relentless educator.

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