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Living… with his roommate Roger in an apartment in East Village in New York City. Mark is penniless. His former friend Benny, who is now their new landlord, has shut down their electricity until they can pay last year’s rent, so Mark is struggling just to stay warm. But hey, at least no electricity means no calls from his parents.

Profession… aspiring filmmaker. Mark is unemployed, but he’s filming the events that happen around him, recording the lives of his friends and acquaintances.

Interests… living the bohemian life; observing people and events.

Relationship Status… single. It was just last month that his girlfriend Maureen cheated on him and dumped him for Joanne, so he’s not ready to start anything soon.

Challenge… finding himself and supporting his friends. It’s a hard life he has chosen to lead, and sometimes even he forgets why he’s living without food or warmth. He can’t really complain, though, because many of his friends are worse off. Roger has HIV and is depressed; Mimi has HIV and a drug problem; Tom Collins and Angel have HIV and know their love will end in heartbreak. Mark would like to help his friends, but what can he offer from behind his lens?

Personality… kind, idealistic. Although perfectly willing to extend a hand if people ask for help, Mark spends most of his time behind a camera as an observer rather than a participant. He expects to overcome his depressing circumstances with his art, and his thoughts are very idealistic: “The opposite of war isn’t peace!...It’s creation!”

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