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Living… in the Roman Empire, right after the assassination of Julius Caesar. A supporter of Caesar, Antony has now taken up many of his former leader's duties, including care of the Empire.

Visiting... the rest of the Roman Empire. As a famed Roman general, Antony's duties bring him from Syria to Athens to Parthia – anywhere battles need to be fought and won. His heart, however, belongs to Egypt, home of the beautiful queen Cleopatra.

Profession… co-ruler of Rome, along with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus. In theory, the three share power and make decisions together as equal members of the of the Roman Triumvirate. In reality, however, Octavius and Antony are locked in a bitter battle for power, with Lepidus unwittingly caught between their competing ambitions.

Interests… battle, but also love. Antony is known in Rome as a brave and stalwart soldier, but that doesn't mean he's immune to the temptations of fine wine and beautiful women. And in Egypt, far from the eyes of his countrymen, these are temptations Antony feels free to indulge in. 

Relationship Status… married to Fulvia, but passionately involved with Cleopatra. For Antony, marriage is a matter of political necessity while his relationship with Cleopatra is one of unbridled passion. They may fight, but as Antony declares to her, "Egypt, thou knew'st too well/My heart was to thy rudder tied."

Challenge… balancing his role as a ruler with his role as a lover. Antony might call Cleopatra "the armourer of my heart," but his fellow Romans see their relationship quite differently. To them, Antony's passion for Cleopatra compromises his role as a ruler, and many fear that the queen has him in her power. Antony, of course, knows differently – but with Octavius plotting against him and Rome losing trust in its general, Antony may be forced to choose between Egypt or Rome.

Personality… brave and noble, but conflicted. A powerful general and a passionate lover, Antony struggles to reconcile the two aspects of his personality. He takes pride in being a respected soldier, and is consequently rankled by the thought that others would think less of him for loving Cleopatra. At the same time, however, Antony's equally devoted to Cleopatra, and would not hesitate to sacrifice all – country, power, and even life – for his lover. 

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