Marisa Coulter
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Marisa Coulter

The Golden Compass

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About Her

Overview… academic and explorer. Marisa Coulter attracts the attention of Lyra Belacqua the moment she steps foot in Jordan College. She’s beautiful, elegant, and well-travelled – everything Lyra aspires to be. When Mrs. Coulter agrees to take her to the North as a personal assistant, Lyra is ecstatic. She’s completely unaware of just how dangerous her new situation is. 

 Personality… glamorous and extremely refined, but with a dark side. Marisa may smile and speak with utmost politeness, but there is always a hint of venom in her otherwise calm demeanor. She is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, and doesn’t have any qualms about doing so.

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Marisa Coulter
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