Marion Silver
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Marion Silver

Requiem for a Dream

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About Her

Grew Up… with oppressive parents. She has struggled during all of her later teen and young adult years to escape their dominance over her life and choices. She has attempted many things to free herself from them, and now she is devising a more drastic plan than ever before.

Living… the life of an addict. She spends her time with her boyfriend Harry in Brooklyn, scoring heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. When they hatch a plan to go for a big drug deal in Coney Island, the stakes are raised to an all-time high. If things don’t go smoothly, it won’t only mean that they don’t get to fulfill their dreams of opening a designer clothing store – it might mean their life.

Profession… drug dealer. Though Marion doesn’t have her hand very far into the drug-dealing plot. She lets Harry and their friend Tyrone take care of most of the dirty work. But drug addicts can’t afford to be proud when it comes to scoring their fix, and Marion may need to contemplate more drastic measures.

Interests… fashion, taking risks, and her boyfriend Harry.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Harry Goldfarb. Their loving bond is what keeps them both alive during the dark days of their drug addiction. But tensions begin to boil when the money begins to get in the way of their relationship. And the money, of course, is needed to buy drugs.

Challenge… earning enough to open her designer clothing business. This is her dream with Harry, and the two of them put everything on the line in order to achieve it. They are relying on one big drug deal to determine their fate. But if that doesn’t work – and even if it does – they’re both in danger of drowning in their addictions.

Personality… loving, hungry, and full of ideas but unable to make them happen. Marion is at a crossroads in her life. She is trying to leave her parents behind and make a new life with her boyfriend Harry. She is facing a true test of strength. But does she have the strength to kick heroin before it destroys her?

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