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Living… on the sea. The Mariner stops for no man, woman, or child. He lives by his wits and by the timeless slogan, “Nothing’s free in Waterworld.” The earth has been completely covered in water and there’s no one better than The Mariner – who has mutated gills behind his ears – to sail its seas. The Mariner can breathe under water, and although he doesn’t believe in the utopian myth of “Dryland,” he is able to dive deep under the sea to view ancient civilizations that used to be above water.

Profession… seaman. The Mariner sails across the waters, in search of nothing in particular. His boat, the trimaran, is all he needs, apart from his fishing skills and perhaps his urine dilution machine, which allows him to sustain himself in times of dire need. The Mariner is a lone wolf who only rarely stops at the populated floating communities called “atolls,” in order to replenish his “hydro” and trade his precious dirt for a few supplies.

Interests… limes, giant fish, sailing alone, and deep-sea diving.

Relationship Status…single. The Mariner is arguably the most single man on the seven seas. He has little interest in women, even when he is tempted with offers.

Challenge… surviving alone. The Mariner is constantly plagued by all forms of danger. There are worthless sea bandits who would betray him in an instant, and then there are the Smokers, a murderous group of criminals in search of Dryland. And The Mariner isn’t exactly welcome at the atolls, either – especially once they discover that he is a mutant.

Personality… quiet, hard, and heartless. The Mariner is not evil like the Smokers, but he won’t risk his neck for anyone, not even children. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill if an obstacle was standing in his way. He knows how to survive on his own and believes that other people just slow him down. The world has become a dangerous place, and The Mariner knows he has to be equally dangerous to survive it.

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