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Marilyn Monroe

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Grew Up… to become a symbol, rather than a real person. Marilyn does a good job of smile for her audience, but underneath her seductive facade is a confused and unhappy woman.

Visiting… Pinewood Studios in London, to act in Laurence Olivier's The Prince and the Showgirl. Marilyn is accompanied by her husband, Arthur Miller, and her business partner, Milton Greene – two people who, despite their closeness to her, don’t seem to know or understand her at all.

Profession… actress, model, and international sex symbol. Marilyn has always aspired to be a great actress, but instead, the world sees her as a ditzy blonde whose talents are solely physical. Still, if Marilyn wants to change her reputation, acting like a prima donna in Pinewood isn't exactly a good way to start.

Relationship Status… married to one of America's greatest playwrights, Arthur Miller. Not always happily, however: shortly after arriving in England, the couple’s tumultuous marriage threatens to reach a tipping point when Marilyn discovers drafts of a play which seem to portray their marriage in an unflattering light.   

Challenge… learning to love herself. Marilyn finds consolation in adoration. While on set, she has befriended the charming, boyish third assistant director, Colin. This young man seems to remind Marilyn of her early, innocent years, and she takes him in as a confidante, wistfully telling him, “I haven’t had a real date since I was thirteen years old."

Personality… flirtatious, mysterious, and deeply melancholy. Despite her beauty, Marilyn carries an air of tragedy with her fame. As she tells Colin, “All people ever see is Marilyn Monroe. As soon as they realize I’m not her, they run.”

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