Marilyn Bamford
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Marilyn Bamford

Lady Dynamite

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About Her

Overview... loving mother in Duluth, Minn., trying to get her daughter Maria back on her feet. Maria was a successful comedian who had to take six months off to receive treatment for bipolar disorder. Marilyn and her husband Joel took her in when she got out of treatment and helped her through a data entry job and a difficult recovery. Her daughter again requires the kind of love and attention she needed as a child, and Marilyn is up for the challenge, even if she doesn’t quite understand it.

Personality... supportive, repressed, and reserved. She can’t figure out what’s going on in Maria’s head, but wants to do everything in her power to help. That can mean lending an ear or joining Maria in the Bamford Family Bamd [sic]. Her advice isn’t always good – she thinks Maria should keep her feelings bottled up inside – but it always comes from a good place.

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