Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau

    American Horror Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… over 200 years ago. Marie’s seen it all, and she’s learned how to survive – to thrive, even, in the shadows. Her wisdom is incomparable, having learned by doing. She has fought tooth and nail for everything she has.

Living… in New Orleans, in a salon she owns and has named Cornrow City. She prefers to stay under the radar to reduce attracting suspicion and threats.

Profession… voodoo witch masquerading as a hairdresser. She is the self-proclaimed Voodoo Queen of New Orleans legend and uses her salon as a front for a side business where she does favors with black magic – for a pretty penny, of course. Her power is directly comparable to that of the Supreme Witch, Fiona Goode, though it manifests in distinctly different abilities: “Well, maybe you haven't heard the news about [how] civilization started in Africa. We're more than just pins and dolls and seeing the future in chicken parts. You've been reading too many tourist guides.”

Relationship Status… it’s complicated. Her lover Bastien was disfigured in a darker time of American history, but she still stands by him, though they are no longer able to communicate. Their love is fervent and primal, and she doesn’t seem to desire anyone else. 

Challenge… protecting her business and adopted voodoo family (another coven, if you will) at all costs. Witches in general are very territorial, and there is a longstanding rivalry with the coven based at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Though Marie did sign an official truce – well, the truce was with the last Supreme Witch…

Personality… bombastic and vicious, but visceral and romantic.Though she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, she feels it all, and feels it all strongly. Loyalty, trust, and love mean a lot to her as she has seen a lot of death and betrayal in her many years. Her biological family has long since passed, so she treats the group of voodoo witches under her care and working at her salon as her family. Take heed: there is nothing more vengeful than a double-crossed voodoo queen. In her own words of warning to Cordelia Foxx, “She done messed with the wrong witch. And she knows it. And now you know it.”


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