Marie Brisson
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Marie Brisson

The Past

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About Her

Living… in Paris, in a house midway through renovations. Buckets of paint and ladders still line the floors. The house is already packed with Marie, her children Lucie and Lea, her boyfriend Samir and his son Fouad. Definitely not an ideal time for visitors.

Profession… pharmacist. Marie gets small glimpses into people’s lives, their ailments and troubles. It was there that she met Samir, her boyfriend. He was picking up medication – for his current wife.

Interests… painting. But she hasn’t had much time for that lately, with the pregnancy and the trouble at home. Right now her only concerns are closing doors she’s left open for years too long.

Relationship Status… habitually volatile. She’s with Samir now, but she’s yet to formally divorce Ahmad. In the 16 years since she had Lucie, she’s been through three major relationships. The changes have taken a toll on Lucie; she feels insecure about her mother’s future.

Challenge… healing the open wounds of her past. Her relationship with Samir has not been without collateral damage. His wife tried to take her own life. Marie insists she’s not a home-wrecker, but now her own home is falling apart. Samir isn’t sure if Marie is really in love with her or using him as a rebound from Ahmad. Marie isn’t sure either.

Personality… guilt-ridden. But she knows she can’t live that way. So Lucie doesn’t want her to remarry. Is she supposed to leave Samir because of her daughter’s whims? What about Marie’s own happiness? Why is she always subject to other people’s emotional fits?

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