Marie Barone
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Marie Barone

Everybody Loves Raymond

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About Her

Living… in Lynbrook, Long Island, with her husband Frank and son Robert. The best thing about their location is being across the street from her darling son Raymond and his family. Raymond must be so happy to have his mother so close to him. Most families move apart, but not hers!

Profession… housewife, a full-time job she won’t be retiring from anytime soon. She loves what she does and she’s good at it. No one cooks or cleans better. Just ask her sons. Or her.

Interests... making sure Raymond has the very best. That means keeping his wife Debra on her toes. Debra doesn’t hold her household up to the standard of excellence Marie holds for her abode. Oh well. She’ll learn.

Relationship Status… married for 46 years to Frank Barone. They’ve been through every up and down; they know all of each other’s stories, habits, and pet peeves. All that’s left is to argue. That never gets old.

Challenge… keeping her family as close to the nest as possible, by any guilt trip or manipulation necessary. As she once said, “Years ago, I gave birth to two beautiful boys. And I wanted nothing more than to see them grow up, get married, and give me grandchildren. But if you want to take that away from me, by all means you go and tell that to Robert. And I'll just be back across the street living out the rest of my best I can...with a hole in my heart.”

Personality… controlling. Marie doesn’t even know how intrusive she is, and if she did, it probably wouldn’t stop her. The concept of “over-nurturing” is foreign to her. She sees the decline of the nuclear family as the sign of the end times. She’s going to go down fighting.

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