Marian Wyman
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Marian Wyman

Short Cuts

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About Her

Overview… a painter in the midst of a struggling marriage to a jealous doctor named Ralph. Marian spends her time sitting by her spacious home’s vista of the LA Basin, painting nude portraits. While not painting, she and her husband seek solace in drink (particularly tequila). Ralph doesn’t take kindly to Marian’s pretentious art-speak. She says that her paintings of nude women are “about seeing, and the responsibility that comes with that.” Such talk reminds him of another artist with whom he suspects she’s had a bit of a fling.

Personality… intellectual, soft-spoken, and sophisticated. Marian knows that her husband feels threatened by her airy, arty milieu, so she does her best to keep the abstract discussion to a minimum. In between her own marital fights she councils her sister through an abusive relationship of her own.

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