Margot Mary Wendice
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Margot Mary Wendice

Dial M for Murder

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About Her

Living… in a London flat with her husband, Tony. He used to be a tennis star, but Margot asked him to retire so they could be together more.

Profession… housewife. From a wealthy family, Margot is also quite a socialite.

Relationship Status… in a loveless marriage. She has started meeting in secret with her lover, Mark Halliday, who is an American crime-fiction writer. Mark considers himself an expert on crime, and he tells Margot that there is no such thing as a "perfect murder." Unfortunately, Margot learns that the hard way. 

Challenge… being framed for murder. Margot was attacked by a man named Swann who tried to kill her. She defended herself and ultimately killed Swann, but she is being accused of murder herself. She knows that her husband is behind it all. He must have found out about the affair and arranged the murder. Her lover’s crime solving skills will hopefully come in handy in proving her innocence.    

Personality… earnest, lovable, and trusting. Sure, she's committing adultery, but compared to her cold-blooded, murderous husband, she's a saint.

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