Margo Channing
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Margo Channing

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About Her

Living… luxuriously in New York City, in the 1940s, in a beautiful and spacious home.

Profession… famous Broadway star who has acted in plays for over 20 years. She routinely sells out shows, and is a name that everyone is familiar with.

Interests… being the center of attention, but not in an overtly melodramatic way. She always comes across as very matter-of-fact about her goals. She’s interested in surrounding herself with people who will support her. She has doting friends and admirers with whom she spends her days.

Relationship status… involved with Bill, a famous director. They’ve been dating for a long time, but Bill has never proposed marriage.

Challenge… being at a precarious place in her career. She’s aging, and Broadway is a place where youth and beauty are important. Unfortunately, people are easily distracted by new, young talent.

Personality… witty, smart, and brutally honest. She cares about her friends, and feels deep affection towards Bill. But she’s also extremely pragmatic about her profession, and realizes that she has to actively protect her throne unless she wants it taken from her. She takes care of herself better than anyone else can.

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