The Master and Margarita

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Living… in Soviet Russia, with her husband in downtown Moscow. Margarita's husband is a well-funded and well-connected military engineer, so they have a very nice place and interesting friends. However, it's not a job that leaves a lot of free time, so while Margarita can buy whatever she likes, she only sees her husband after he comes home from work.

Visiting… Woland’s fifth-dimension-enhanced apartment. Woland and his entourage – which includes a talking cat and a naked woman – are interesting folks, and Margarita's hoping their supernatural powers can help her find her missing lover, a writer everyone calls "the Master."

Profession… housewife. They have a maid to do all the cooking and cleaning, so it’s not a very demanding job.

Interests… reading the Master’s manuscripts, taking walks, and learning witchcraft. After a member of Woland's entourage gifts Margarita with a magical cream, she gains the power of flight and transformation, magical powers she hopes to use to rescue the Master.

Relationship Status… married, but unhappy. Although she seems to have it all, Margarita is so unhappy that she has contemplated suicide. It was meeting the Master that brought joy back into Margarita's life, but now that he's gone, her life is just as bleak as it was before she met him.

Challenge… finding the Master. He disappeared after burning his manuscripts, and it's been four months since Margarita has heard from him. She has no idea if he still lives, and she's so desperate to find him that she declares, “I would pawn my soul to the devil to find out whether he is alive or dead.” But be careful what you wish for.

Personality… lonely, dedicated, and brave. Only her deep love for the Master gave Margarita any happiness. Now that he's disappeared, she's hell-bound on finding him – perhaps a little too literally. Still, whatever her actions, Margarita's selflessness is certainly commendable.

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