Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell

    Game of Thrones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with her husband Renly as he attempts to take the Throne from King Joffrey. They’re privileged to private information that Joffrey is not the true heir to the deceased King Robert Baratheon, as Joffrey’s real biological father is his mother’s brother, Jaime Lannister. Renly has a (more) legitimate claim to the Throne and intends to press it.

Profession... aspiring Queen. After a privileged childhood in the noble House Tyrell, Margaery marries and becomes a very politically active wife. She wants to become Queen because it isn’t just a figurehead position – it comes with a lot of real influence in a world where women are often treated as second-class citizens. Margaery will do whatever she can to help Renly take the throne. And if he should fail or die in the effort, well, Margaery will still be young...

Interests… gaining power. After moving to King’s Landing, she becomes friendly with the sadistic King Joffrey in an attempt to gain the trust of his subjects. One person who doesn’t take so kindly to this new friendship is Joffrey’s mother Cersei, whose primary source of power is her ability to advise her son.

Relationship Status... married to Renly Baratheon. She knows Renly prefers men and has had a long relationship with her brother, Loras. But she marries him to get ahead politically.

Challenge... aligning House Tyrell with House Lannister, when in fact her family wants to defeat the Lannisters to take over power from Joffrey. How far would she go to do that? If anything were to happen to Renly would she make a move on Joffrey? And if anything did happen to Renly, would she be to blame?  

Personality... manipulative, yet kinder than others with their eyes on the Throne. She knows what she wants, but doesn’t act as ruthlessly on her quest to achieve it. Still, her wits and cleverness should take her far – maybe even further than her more violent competitors.


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