Marcy D'Arcy

Marcy D'Arcy

    Married with Children
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a nice, privileged, upper-middle-class family. Marcy has all of the hallmarks of a good upbringing: she’s politically correct, generally polite, and forward-thinking. Though in order to adapt to her new neighbors, the Bundy family, she’s had to regress a little bit.

Living… next door to the worst kind of man, Al Bundy. Al’s misogynistic remarks have driven Marcy to do and say unspeakable things, including, “You, sir, are Satan’s toejam!”

Profession… manager of Kyoto National Bank. Marcy prides herself of being a successful woman in the workplace. As a feminist, Marcy sees it as her duty to out-do any men around her – even, in some cases, her own husband.

Interests… liberating the oppressed women of America. Marcy dreams of creating a women’s group to combat sexism (and irritate Al Bundy). She’ll call it “W.O.M.B.” (Women Owe Men Bupkis). That’s not to be confused with the actual organization that she founded and leads – F.A.N.G., or Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys.

Relationship Status… divorced and re-married. Marcy’s ex-husband, Steve Rhoades, was unassuming and straight-laced compared to her newer, younger husband, Jefferson D’Arcy. Marcy met the young Jefferson while she was drunk and ended up marrying him later that same night, only to be horrified in the morning that her new married name rhymes.

Challenge… keeping her new husband away from the Bundy family. The dim-witted, gold-digging Jefferson has a tendency to succumb to Al’s corrupting ways. “Jefferson, it’s our anniversary,” she tells him. “I’ll go to work, earn income for the two of us, in bed I’ll even do all the work. All YOU have to do is look good, smell nice, and keep away from Al and his friends.”

Personality… man-hating, demanding, competitive and snobby. Marcy cares more about being in power than she does about gender equality. She’ll do or say anything to irritate Al Bundy – not that Al doesn’t have it coming.


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