Marcus Kim

Marcus Kim

    Always Be My Maybe

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in San Francisco, with two loving parents. They had an idyllic family that was the envy of the neighborhood. In fact, his neighbor and friend Sasha Tran spent more time at their house than her own. Tragically, Marcus’ mom died suddenly when he was in high school. 

Living… at home with his father. Marcus sees himself as his father’s caretaker, giving him shots when he needs them. But his dad thinks Marcus is just using that as an excuse not to live his life. 

Profession… electrician and aspiring rapper. Working for his father, he is the son in Harry & Son Heating & Air Service. In his free time, he’s the lead in a band, Hello Peril, which has been together for sixteen years. As Marcus says, “I started at the bottom, now I’m still at the bottom.” Hello Peril is famous in Chinatown, but that’s about it. They have merchandise associated with their band, but only seven shirts have been sold so far.

Interests… dancing awkwardly in front of the mirror, smoking weed, and drinking cold brew coffee. 

Relationship Status… dating Jenny, a hipster he met while performing at the same venue as the community youth group she works with. Although their relationship is not filled with fireworks, he admires how dedicated she is to helping others. 

Challenge… dealing with a blast from the past. Marcus’ electrical company was hired to service a mansion. As it turns out, it’s being rented by his old friend Sasha who is opening a new restaurant in San Francisco. Marcus lost his virginity to Sasha, and they still have undeniable chemistry. But their lives have taken such different turns that it’s hard to see how he would have a chance with her. Sasha has gone on to become a celebrity chef and has been on the cover of Food & Wine magazine. And Marcus is still living at home with his dad and driving the same beat-up car he had in high school.  

Personality… funny, insecure, and a bit lazy. Marcus is a homebody, who avoids risks at all costs. He uses humor as a coping mechanism to avoid tough subjects. Sasha is making him realize that he is letting life pass him by. 


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