Marcus Hamilton
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Marcus Hamilton

Hell or High Water

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About Him

Overview... Texas Ranger on the trail of a pair of serial bank robbers. Hamilton is closing in on retirement but wants to show the rest of the force that he’s still got gas in the tank. Sure, he could call it quits and spend his days on the porch, but he’s a damn good detective and won’t let these robbers continue to walk free.

Personality... gruff, smart, and persistent. Hamilton’s methodical and patient approach to crime fighting gets on the nerves of his partner (as do his off-color jokes) but there’s a rationale behind Hamilton’s ways. Criminals always slip up, and the observant Hamilton is going to make sure he’s in the right place at the right time to catch them. If it means staying at a crummy motel and spending his day staking out a boring street corner across from a bank, so be it. When it’s time to catch them, he’ll be ready for a fight.

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