Marcus Burnett
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Marcus Burnett

Bad Boys

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About Him

Living… in Miami, which is the perfect town for him. His partner Mike Lowrey says Marcus drives like a 107-year-old lady with her turn signal on. Marcus doesn’t necessarily disagree: “And I plan to be in Miami living to be old just like them. Rubbin' Bengay on my joints and everything.”

Profession… narcotics detective. His newest case involves $100 million worth of stolen heroin. The catch is that the heroin was stolen from a police vault, ruining the biggest bust of Burnett and Lowrey’s career. Now Internal Affairs thinks there’s a leak on the force, and if they don’t get the drugs back pronto, the whole narcotics department is going to be shut down.

Interests… pretending to be Lowrey so he can get information from Julie. She is the only person who saw the dealers who stole the heroin, and they also killed her friend Max, Lowrey’s ex-girlfriend. Julie says she will only deal with Lowrey because Max trusted him, though Julie’s never actually met him. But Lowrey was away when Julie showed up at the police station and promptly threatened to bolt, so Marcus had to pretend to be Lowrey. Now Marcus and Mike have to keep up the charade. Marcus is staying with Julie at Lowrey’s swank bachelor pad while Lowrey moved in with Marcus’ family. It’s a nightmare.

Relationship Status… married, but lately it’s been a struggle. Theresa and Marcus are always saying they should spend more quality time together. He still remembers when they used to make love every morning. Having kids, paired with the intensity of Marcus’s work, has kept them apart more often than he’d like. Pretending to be Mike Lowrey certainly isn’t helping.

Challenge… catching the drug kingpin Fouchet and getting back the stolen drugs. If that means Marcus and Mike have to trade lives for a week, so be it. Because if they don’t clear this case, they might not have jobs anymore, or they’ll be pushing paper the rest of their careers. Unfortunately Julie doesn’t quite seem to be buying Marcus-as-Mike, and if she walks, she takes their best chance of cracking the case with her.

Personality… headstrong, careful, and loyal. Marcus really does love his wife and kids, and he loves his partner. It’s just that he’s often too grumpy to show it. But he and Mike are good cops, and they’re determined to do whatever it takes to get the heroin back and clear their unit’s good name.

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