Marcia Brady
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Marcia Brady

The Brady Bunch

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Living… with her two younger sisters (Jan and Cindy), three stepbrothers (Greg, Peter and Bobby), and mother and stepfather in 1970s Los Angeles. Marcia is the prototypical sunny blonde from Southern California, the kind who used to inspire Beach Boys songs. As the oldest girl, she’s also starting to break away from her siblings and want her own space. Of course, Jan is jealous.

Profession… high school student. As in most endeavors, Marcia’s virtually the perfect student. In addition to impeccable grades, she also wants to be class president, the lead in the school play, and head cheerleader. Marcia desperately wants the approval of her peers. She doesn’t realize they’re all looking up to her already.

Interests… teen idols like Desi Arnaz Jr. and Davy Jones. She’s also a talented singer in her own right. She has a strong interest in the Women’s Liberation movement, joining the Frontier Scouts to prove a point about gender equality.

Relationship Status… single and intermittently boy-crazy. Marcia is very popular with the guys at Westdale High, but the attention she receives from her male peers hasn’t corrupted her. She’ll still go on dates with unpopular boys from time to time. She is no stranger to the pity date.

Challenge… overcoming her insecurities. Marcia is beautiful, intelligent and popular, but since she’s a perfectionist, she’s not always satisfied. She can be extremely critical of herself, making something like braces feel like a catastrophe, throwing her into a depression for weeks. 

Personality… friendly, generally cheery, and occasionally anxious. Marcia’s perceived as the girl who can do no wrong, and in general, that perception isn’t too far off the mark. But sometimes you’d never guess it by talking to her. An unrequited crush could make her question the validity of her existence. A broken nose? Why not just end it all? But really, that’s quibbling. Overall, Marcia’s the kind of All-American girl that gives America a good name. Just don’t tell her sister Jan we said that!

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